We are only days away from Chapter Two launch for Elite: Dangerous and Frontier released yet another short trailer to accompany the new patch.

Although it was already known, now it’s confirmed – The Krait MKII will be leaving the docs with the next update to the game and it has been redesigned and updated to fit the latest ship standards. It’s an iconic ship from the earlier Elite instalments that’s debuting in Elite: Dangerous as a fighter vessel. Krait has a loadout similar to the one of the Python (3x Large, 2x Medium), but will also feature ship launched fighters, a strong hull and powerful engines that provide significant forward thrust.

It is expected that, due to the combat nature of the ship, it will not have as many internal compartments making it the ultimate multipurpose ship. So, if you fly a Python – better stick with it for a while.

The new trailer also teases “space legs”, but Frontier strictly said nothing of sorts will be available with the upcoming patch.

Maybe… some day…