X4 has been getting a steady and regular number of patches and fixes, and it looks like Egosoft is confident to tell us their plans for the upcoming major content updates that are in store for us…

Before 2.00, and between any of the coming major patches, there will also be minor steps. Egosoft tries to release bug fixes as fast as possible once they feel they are safe (which is why there will also be lots of public betas). Right now the public beta for 1.60 is available here.

Update 2.00

The next bigger update will bring, among other things, the ability to set up your own shipyards. Compete with the faction shipyards by selling ships to the war factions or build your own fleets.

Another focus for 2.00 is to make crew training a bit easier. Crew and pilots gain experience by doing their jobs; more so in some areas than others. However, while the first two stars are very easy to gain, the progress slows down after that. Getting from the 3rd to the 4th star takes a LOT more experience than from the 1st to the 2nd.

X4 patch 2.00 is planned for February 2019.

Update 2.50

  • With 2.50 Egosoft aims to bring a new ship type: Resupply ships. In short, they will work like a flying equipment dock and can form the backbone of a large fleet.
  • Linux version: The Linux beta is expected to start somewhere between 2.00 and 2.50 already but at the latest together with this update.
  • TrackIR/Tobii support: While testing may start before it, Egosoft aims that 2.50 should bring support at the latest.
  • Sector blacklists: This will allow you to set up sectors that your ships will avoid at all costs.
  • Another thing planned for 2.50 is a series of improvements around managing inventory items. This includes the ability to create and drop crates in space and possibly also to store them on stations.

Update 3.00

  • As some of you may already have figured out, one cool feature of X4 is the ability to own entire sectors and even change their names. With 3.00 Egosoft aims to build upon this with a number of features to help you benefit from sector control. You can then basically become your own faction with your own set of rules.
  • All updates should bring improvements/better missions. At the latest for 3.00 Egosoft plans to have a number of new and improved combat missions in particular. An area that’s planned to be combined with this is improved research (in the player HQ) and the ability to potentially even move the player HQ to a different location.
  • An early gameplay feature that 3.00 will improve is the ability to dock directly at station with a spacesuit and to get other NPC ships to transport you, by offering missions to them.
  • With 3.00 at the latest, Egosoft plans to have at least one new gamestart. There is a chance that this will have some interesting new features.

Online ventures

In December Egosoft released the very first online mode in an X game: Ventures. With the Updates 2.00 to 3.00 they will also continue work on more and better online ventures. So stay tuned for more exciting online missions.

First Expansion will introduce the Split

While all of the above (free) updates may also contain new assets, a lot of new ships, station modules, missions and new sectors will be bundled into the first big expansion. A rough timeline is to have an expansion based on introducing the Split race, their ships, a new Split economy and of course a large new area of space shortly after releasing 3.00.