It’s been 30 years since Egosoft published their first game (Hotel Detective) for the Amiga back in 1988. To help celebrate the special event, they held a long stream showcasing all their games – and yes, X4 is in it!

If you missed the announcement or the stream itself – don’t worry, Twitch has you covered with the full stream saved on the official Egosoft channel. The team talked about their company, their history, challenges in development through history and various aspects of game development like SFX design and technology.

By the end of the stream, we finally got a short glimpse of the latest build of X4. Unfortunately, no new info has been released (yet), but Egosoft noted we should stick around for more info soon. The most noticeable change since the last stream is the improvement in audio quality. Flying near stations or large objects will leave an echo which sounds really great, and so do the ship engines.

Also, the stream shows the player character as well, which is now animated and will feature various animations like waving as well.