Even though the official stream starts tomorrow, thanks to people over at PCGamesN it looks like we are able to get a glimpse of the upcoming info Frontier has in store for us...

The video below shows how the ship-launched fighters are going to look like. Fighters alone will bring a lot of change to the overall tactics applied to combat, and give the developers more diversity when it comes to ship variety. For example - the new passenger liner won't have strong weaponry but it might have multiple fighter bays ready to defend the passengers on board.

Next up - we have the already announced station interior changes which look incredible, and will change depending on how wealthy the system is or just what's the type / allegiance of the system the station is in.

The most interesting bit is the mention of of a short clip, Frontier is still not releasing to the public, featuring a neon tinted battlestar floating over lots of ship wreckages - implying alien presence is just around the corner!

Make sure to tune into the official stream tomorrow (Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 CET and 14:30 CET), and check Alpha Orbital for the latest incoming news.