We all knew the Triglavians are going all-in when it comes to invading multiple systems, but while capsuleers were busy fighting off the new threat, Drifter forces started their own attack and it's glorious!

Drifters have been around for a while – to be specific, ever since early 2015. So far all attempts at communication with them have failed. They are seen by most as invaders and after attacking the Amarr empire and killing empress Jamyl I, the Amarr empire declared war on them.

They can be found all over New Eden – from a solo cruiser roaming the system to a fleet of various ship sizes. Taking them head on requires beefy ships or small fleet support and players have been losing ships to them for years. They are also known for podding capsuleers and taking their frozen corpses along with them.

Major Drifter fleet attacks in null-sec

Since yesterday, Drifter activity portfolio got updated with planned structure bashing and fleet attacks against capsuleers. Pandemic Horde already lost a jump gate to one of the Drifter fleets and there are also reports of lost ratting supercarriers.

So far, major Drifter fleets (some report seeing over 100 battleships) have been spotted roaming null-sec systems only.

Although the intention of these attacks is still unknown, the overall community feedback is extremely positive since this adds a whole new layer of activities and threats EVE has to offer. At first, this was thought to be a mere bug, but CCP has confirmed Drifter attacks are intended behaviour.

The Scope - update

Alton Haveri reports as news breaks on the shock Drifter invasion of Null Sec space. In addition to the ongoing Triglavian invasion, New Eden now faces fresh attacks with roaming Drifter raiding fleets confirmed to have appeared in over 70 star systems already. Capsuleers, as well as low-powered and vulnerable structures have all been targeted thus far. Further unconfirmed reports of attacks continue to pour in from Null Sec.