Join Drew Wagar, the author of several best-selling science fiction, space opera and fantasy novels as he discusses the story about one of the more iconic events in recent Elite history...

In his latest stream, Drew talks publically about the Salomé event, perhaps one of the more notable community and lore events in the history of Elite Dangerous. Drew explains who Salomé was, why she mattered and tries to clear up some misunderstandings about how the event was conducted before discussing its aftermath.

Salomé survived for 1 hour and 45 minutes in Open mode under constant attack by any PVP player in the galaxy who fancied their luck. Such a feat has never been bettered as of March 2020 - credit due to Loren's Legion and the Children of Raxxla tactics, strategy and practice.

Persistent 'false' rumours debunked in this VOD:

  • Drew scripted the event - FALSE
  • FDev scripted the event - FALSE
  • Harry Potter and Drew collaborated on the outcome - FALSE
  • Harry Potter and Drew and David Braben are related - FALSE
  • Drew wanted Salomé dead - FALSE
  • CoR and Loren's Legion had cheats and hacks - FALSE
  • Drew tried to subvert the outcome of the event - FALSE
  • It was badly planned and no preparation was done in advance - FALSE
  • SDC infiltrated the inner core of Cor and Loren's Legion - FALSE
  • Salomé's ship was not engineered for the task - FALSE
  • Harry Potter was in Salomé's wing - FALSE
  • Reporting by the press was unbiased - FALSE (with the exception of Charlie Hall at Polygon, who was the only reporter to attempt to paint a fair picture of the event)

If you need a story recap, make sure to watch CMDR Josh Hawkins' recap of the event

Salomé's demise from Harry's cockpit

And finally, Drew Wagar's recent stream covering the whole incident and the story around the event...