As stated in the latest game newsletter - after three months of jumping, 23 waypoints (and countless other unofficial meetings), and an average of 40 hours in-game time, The Distant Worlds Expedition have finally arrived at their destination, Beagle Point. More than 450 Commanders have arrived at Beagle Point already, with more on their way.

Since the Distant Worlds expedition is officially over, and to celebrate the fleet's achievement -  Frontier created a special decal that anybody who completed the Expedition will have in their Outfitting when The Engineers goes live, and they finally make it home.

It's just a small token that shows how the dev team acknowledges the ongoing shenanigans the community takes part in. And when I say shenanigans - I'm not even kidding! Just take a look at this awesome buggy destruction derby that took place over 65,000Lys from home, followed by a massive Beagle Point fly by!