Among a number of features and fixes, including further station exterior renovations, defender missile system overhaul, tweaks to the first stage of the NPE and NPC mining operations, starting as of today – capsuleers get daily festive presents!

Alongside this patch, new Fire Cell (Defense) SKINs are available for Sisters of EVE exploration ships: Astero, Stratios and Nestor, and come at a very low price of 400 and 800 AUR.

Patch notes


  • Standardized UI sound throughout the client for mouse enter and click events.
  • Hooked up sounds for the following events:
    • Fit/unfit module
    • Incoming/Outgoing isk
    • Redeem item
    • Plug in/remove implant
    • Injecting skill


  • Reduced the mining yield of 'Excavator' Mining Drones by 32%.
  • Increased the drop rates of the Elite Drone AI and Drone Coronary Unit rogue drone components.
  • Changed the behavior of Defender Missiles, you can find out more here.


  • Mini Skill Injectors can no longer be traded via contracts, and all contracts including these items have been expired.


  • Stations across New Eden are experiencing high levels of local activity. Please obey the holographic traffic indicators. EVE welcomes careful drivers!

Missions & NPCs

  • Pirate Mining Operation response forces have had their bounties increased by CONCORD.
  • Mining Operation response forces will respond with different fleets by taking into account the Solar System security status.
  • Mining Operation logistic response ships will repair any players in need who are with Excellent (5.0 and beyond) standings with the corporation if they are at the same location.
  • NPC Mining Operations have stopped within starter systems.

Structures & Deployables

  • It is no longer possible to deploy new Outposts and Outpost Upgrades. Currently existing Outposts and currently installed upgrades are unchanged.
  • The market entries for Outpost Construction Platform blueprints, Outpost Improvement Platforms and Outpost Upgrade Platforms were also removed.

User Interface

  • Moved the Increase and Decrease font size options in the Chat channel windows to a combo box in the "Channel Settings" menu.
  • Fitting window: The left hand panel of the fitting window can now be resized to make it easier to read long item names in the module list.
  • Added timeline scrubbing to Tutorial Videos in the F12 Help menu.
  • Skill entries in the Skill Extractor Window are now more consistent with the rest of the UI.

Defect Fixes


  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Standup Capital Shipyard service module from being fitted to the Upwell Palatine Keepstar Citadel.
  • After several unfortunate accidents, the docking and undocking procedures have been tightened to ease the life for 'Scotty' the docking manager and his clones. Session change timers are enforced more diligently at docking and undocking from stations and structures.
  • Fighter Support Units now provide a bonus to Fighter shield recharge instead of a penalty.
  • Fighter Support Units now display the Rate of Fire (ROF) bonus to fighter weapons as a positive value rather than a negative value. The effect on fighters remains the same.
  • If using only a Burst Jammer against a victim, you will now be included in the Killmail.
  • Bomb launchers now have a minimum speed which the ship must be at before a bomb can be launched.
  • Expanded and Core Probe Launchers no longer have a "Charges per cycle" visible in their attributes tab.
  • The Sentient Fighter Support Unit Blueprint now has a correct chance to drop from Sentient Rogue Drone capital ships
  • A weapon fitting issue in the Caldari mission 'Weapon of Choice (7 of 10)' has been fixed.
  • Inception NPE:
    • Removed UI highlight for spatial rift
    • Tweaked ISK rewards, NPC bounties are increased and Operation rewards are lower
    • Added a hint to teach players they can target multiple enemies at once
    • Fixed isk reward text obscuring the '?' icon in info panel
    • A completion issue with the tutorial operation 'An Empires Might' has been resolved


  • Updated the Market Price History graph y-axis values.
  • Prevented the Incursion effect being visible while in station.
  • Visibly corrected ships changing skins while in bastion mode.
  • Oriented all Tech 3 strategic cruiser boosters when docking.
  • Trimmed cache when lowering graphics settings and GPU particles.
  • Eased display of fog on the Raitaru medium engineering complex.
  • Fixed timing on the engineering complex build effect.
  • Onlined the salvager targeting systems of the Gallente Destroyer Hecate.
  • Rectified grammar of the Aura AI voiceover.
  • Killed exceptions regarding Fighter visibility.
  • Improved the ellipsoid around Encounter Surveillance Systems.
  • Tweaked turret placement on the Caldari Battleship Raven.
  • Tinted the color of the glow map used on the Minmatar Marauder Vargur.
  • Edited the tractor beam module effects.
  • Nudged the locations of the front blinkies on the Gallente Blockaderunner Viator.
  • Slid back salvager mounts for the Gallente Cruiser Vexor and Ishtar hulls.
  • !Fixed an issue that would cause the fire effects to be shown when simulating an Exhumer class vessel.


  • Mordu's Cruiser Class Special Forces is now assigned the correct overview icon by your ships computer.


  • Extraneous clouds in multiple sites have been removed to improve performance.


  • Fixed an issue where remote multibuy orders would fail when in a structure without a market.


  • The outdated fixed passive bonus text has been removed from the description of the Caldari Navy Mindlink.


  • Fixed various grammar and spelling errors in the descriptions of items.
  • Unified the formatting of various item descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Drone and Fighter" structure rigs were not searchable.
  • Corrected the metalevel attribute of the 'Augmented' Mining Drone.
  • Fixed an issue where Alpha players could not save their inactive skill queue if it contained Omega restricted skills.

Science & Industry

  • The skill "Laser Physics" is no longer needed to manufacture Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missiles.
  • The item "Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter II" is no longer a special snowflake Tech II item, and now requires Morphite to manufacture.
  • Added correct manufacturing costs to various capital sized modules.
  • Standup L-Set Structure Manufacturing Efficiency rigs now correctly affect the production of Sovereignty structures.


  • Removed the obsolete passive bonus text from the traits tabs of Titan-class ships.
  • Updated the Widow traits tab to clearly state that its ECM strength bonus affects Burst Jammers as well.
  • Fixed the cloak reactivation delay role bonus on the Rabisu.

User Interface

  • Corrected a typo in the fitting screen related to Standup Point Defense Batteries.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the older skills that are no longer available, would not show for players that still have them injected.
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly clicking the Skills tab in the Character Sheet would cause the client to temporarily slow down.
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing the Industry window would often cause the 3D preview in the Manufacturing tab to stick around for a couple of seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Routes section of a Planetary Interaction Link would not show the details when selecting a commodity.
  • Fixed an issue where in 1st person the HUD graphic would remain when using CTRL-F9 to remove all the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where moving the beta map using right-click while in station could cause the station camera to get messed up.
  • Fixed an issue where showing information on a module after moving it in the HUD would return an empty show info window.
  • Fixed an issue where using CTRL-A to select all items in a station in the Assets window would not actually select all the items.
  • Fixed an issue with ship bonus tooltips on the requirements tab of the show info window.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill queue couldn't be saved for a second character unless multitraining was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Info window would not always open properly when trying to Show Info on a skill in the History tab.
  • Fixed an issue where empty containers in space would disappear from inventory when emptied.
  • Renamed the Leadership market categories to "Fleet Support" to match the character sheet.
  • Improved the handling of long item names in item lists in the market window and the fitting window - the item name is being faded out more consistently and does no longer overlap with the "show info" icon. The tooltip for the whole name was also made more consistent.
  • Market: Replaced the old function to double click a buy order to create a new buy order, which was removed a few releases ago, with a right-click option.
  • Added missing tooltips for Fighters, Structures and Structure Modifications market groups.
  • Dragging a Capsuleer onto themselves in a chat window no longer opens a trade window with them (Dragging items onto them still does)
  • Sharing an access list no longer produces a blank window if you are not a manager or admin.
  • Fixed an issue where the citadel camera would get stuck if it loaded automatically when characters docked.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for item requirements that have already been met could be confusing for Alpha characters.
  • The "jammed" icon in the buff bar is now properly showing a tooltip, when being affected by ECM by multiple ships.
  • Greyed out the"Apply Skill Points" button when the skill queue is empty to make it clearer that points must be applied to specific skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Extractor Window could not be resized.
  • Fixed issue allowing players in some cases to retain the ability to see containers content in corp hangars after corp access role changes.
  • Fixed inventory tree folder collapsing rules for structure corp hangars so they are consistent with station corp hangars.