The largest Frontier hosted event in the UK this year took place in Birmingham between 22.-25. September, and while Frontier promised some really great Elite content – they also tossed in something extra.

With the meet-up coming to an end, FDev showed the cleared version of the Thargoid transmission that was first shown during Gamescom. It is now obvious that the wreckage shown close to a near-by nebula was caused by what it looks like an alien ship – and, one looking almost exactly like the crashed ship we found recently.

The other video shown pictures a huge site of unknown ruins being explored with a buggy. Again, with a nebula close by (Barnard’s loop) – it seems the location is either inside the bubble, or very near it.

Is it a unique location commanders still need to find – or is it one of the archaeological sites David Braben talked in one of his interviews? Personally, I’d love to see more interaction for explorers. Something along the lines of EvE online exploration where you don’t just go jumping and scooping and scanning random planets, but actually get to discover ancient relic sites left by old unknown civilizations which might contain valuable artefacts or other kind of information.

Whatever it is – it looks like patch 2.2 will finally reveal it.