As introduced in the latest EVE patch - Ascension, the story in the NPE got a few changes already… Not only that old accounts can start the storyline from now on, but it looks like some new stuff is already brewing…

The initial launch of Ascension introduced a brand new story driven introduction to New Eden. Unfortunately, it was available to new accounts only. So many veterans and/or returning players had to create a new account to see the new shiny beginning to EVE.

Inception 1.5 offers the NPE experience to all new characters on any type of accounts and brings some new changes to the table.

  • All new characters that are created on accounts that existed before the release of Ascension, will now receive the new NPE.
    This can be skipped at any time, by clicking the icon in the Info Panel but you will not be able to resume or come back to Inception.
  • Skill Point limit for Mini Skill Injectors have been increased to 1,500,000 SP from the previous limit of 750,000.
    Due to how this limit works, it takes into account unallocated Skill Points and many new characters were starting out with 250,000 due to the Refer a Friend program which caused confusion during Inception.
  • Many small but needed UI and UX changes.
    These consisted of text changes, further UI highlights that are more descriptive and more.
  • Added more systems as possible site destinations for Inception.
    The influx of new players was so rapid and massive that CCP needed to respond by doing some performance optimization. So far Gallente have been the most popular choice.

You can find the full patch notes here.

Some of the upcoming features of the December release

  • Introducing the concepts of multi-targeting while in combat with NPCs
  • Providing a distance guidance when out of looting range from Cargo containers / Wrecks
  • Balancing NPC Bounty payouts to feel more significant
  • Providing more information on fitting during the Battle Preparations operation, to guide players to fit multiple weapons and the damage control unit
  • Refining the flow while participating in the Hidden Drifter Zenith site and operations
  • Improving skill training guidance
  • Improving flow and gameplay in the Empire Might site
  • And more fixes and small usability improvements