It's been five years since the launch of the Elite kickstarter and Frontier is celebrating both ingame and on social media. Join in the festivities and earn various rewards…

Anniversary Community Goal

Celebrate in-game by signing up for the Year’s End Festivities in Reorte Community Goals!

  • Imports for Year’s End Festivities - Deliver Animal Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Beer, Lavian Brandy, Anduliga Fire Works and Eranin Pearl Whisky to Davies High in the Reorte system.
  • Security for Year’s End Festivities - Deliver Bounty Vouchers to Davies High in the Reorte system.
    • Start Date - 12 December @ 15:00 (UTC)
    • End Date - 18 December @ 15:00 (UTC)

By taking part in the Anniversary Community Goal, Commanders will be awarded a cargo-bay full of credits and the... Cobra Mk III Iridescent Gleam Paint Job (pictured below!)

Anniversary Livestream

This year, Frontier is also going to be taking a look back at the history of Elite Dangerous, the amazing stories from the community of commanders, and more! Join the community team and developer guests for the 5th Anniversary livestream on 16 December at 12:00 (UTC).

  • Topic – Mega-awesome 5th Anniversary birthday stream!
  • Date – 16 December 2019
  • Time – 12:00 (UTC)
  • Where – YouTube, Twitch and Mixer

The festive countdown

It's time to celebrate the Elite Dangerous anniversary and the winter festivities in the run up to the New Year! With the holidays fast approaching, Frontier will be rewarding commanders blazing their trails throughout the winter period.

Commanders who log in between 13 - 25 December will receive a number of free ARX each day, and the amount will increase the closer it gets to 25 December. These ARX will be in addition to the weekly cap, so all commanders will be a step closer to getting that Paint Job, Ship Kit, or Bobble Head they've had lined up in their sights!

As is tradition, for the Elite Dangerous Festive Countdown, Frontier will also be making a selection of elusive Paint Jobs available during this period. So, keep an eye on the store to see what becomes available each day!