After the news about Pearl Abyss taking over CCP hit the fanbase, CCP swiftly held an AMA which, as expected, gathered tons of players asking all sorts of questions about the future of the game and how the company will deal with the upcoming changes.

To make the AMA read as smooth as possible, you can find all replies by CCP Guard and CCP Falcon below (or join the discussion on the official forum). Strap yourselves in – it’s a long flight!

CCP Guard

Is the current income/financials/profitability ‘good enough’ to keep big daddy PA off your back?

They’re thinking long term with this, they didn’t buy a company best known for making a very unique and complicated product just to step in and crank dials. They have a lot of respect for our understanding of our product and our market. Everything I’ve seen and heard fills me with optimism about what we can do for EVE in the future.

Will South Korea be added to the list of events like EVE Vegas and Eve Fanfest?

Maybe if it makes sense but no plans. If we were to localize into Korean and it went well it would start making sense I think

Can we expect to see the CSM to be disbanded, under PA management?

Nope! That’s a decision for CCP to make. We run our own community relations and one of the things they’ve talked a lot about is how they see us as having built good community relations. Having just come out of an excellent and productive CSM summit, I’m sure there’s nobody here who doesn’t think the CSM is very useful to both us and the EVE players.

With more resources coming your way, have you guys got plans to work on Walking in Stations/Incarna and overall Avatar gameplay for the EVE universe, be it with implementations in Nova, utilizing Unreal Engine, or in any other way?

That’s a big question! We have no current plans but who knows what happens in the future. Sorry I don’t have more on that.

Have you guys thought of a symbiosis between the EVE Trinity engine and Unreal engine, so that both EVE and Project Nova can eventually merge into one big game?

Everything like that has been discussed, it’s complicated and there’s pros and cons in that general direction. But no actual plans as of now.

Is there a desire, or will there be opportunity for, the BDO and Eve communities to collaborate together on events (ingame or real life)? Is there plans for cross-over storylines?

No such plans, no. They’re very different games in different markets with different tech behind them…at the moment nobody is interested in that level of entanglement :). We’ll do our thing, they’ll do their thing…and we’ll mind share where it makes sense! I’m sure that down the road we’ll spot some fun opportunities of all kinds.

Any changes to the 4 Fanfests in 2019 or Eve FF or EvE Vegas 2020 or beyond?

That’s a plan we’re actively working on and we’ll talk about it more soon, right now I don’t see any major changes.

What happens if you dont meet the profit targets set by PA? Will they liquidate ccp or maybe liquidise them?

Pearl Abyss is thinking long term with EVE and CCP. We’re all trying to keep CCP as profitable as it can be, nothing new there, and we believe that’s best done in harmony with the players.

Can we have a monument or a skin for be player during the independance of CCP?

Hmmm…how much would you pay for such a skin?

Has into the abyss been a way for EVE to become easier to monetize?

Not directly but every feature needs to have a business case. It’s an isk sink for one! People are losing blingy ships in there. Some of those players also buy PLEX I’m sure. It’s intended to give people a fun feature that makes them more engaged and keeps them coming back to EVE…it’s gone down pretty well overall in that regard. So to answer the question a little more broadly…we are always looking for new ways to optimize the business of EVE, we’ve been doing that in many ways for years and will continue doing so. But we believe that works best when we do it in a way that EVE players are happy with.

Does pearl abyss plan to significantly change the game?

No, I’ve seen nothing that makes me think that and logically it also just doesn’t make sense to me.

Has CCP been struggling with financial issues therefor sold the company?

Nope, CCP has money in the bank and makes a healthy profit. The investors were ready to sell and others were ready to buy, that’s about it

Hilmar Veigar remains CCP Games ceo?

Yep! Hilmar and I will end up old and wrinkly together here at CCP probably.

Pearl Abyss’ other main game, Black Desert Online, is noted for having a business model that heavily pushes microtransactions for gameplay-affecting items in a pay-to-win manner. Are there any specifics (not press release boilerplate, please) you can point to show that this won’t happen?

This is what makes sense to me at least;

CCP are the experts on EVE, our community and our market. We’ve made mistakes, had success, and learned a lot along the way. That expertise, along with an amazing, loyal and smart EVE player base is what makes up the value of the company. There’s all kinds of things we can do to improve and grow…and yes…some of those things definitely have to do with monetization which is nothing new, we’ve been experimenting for years, with some solid successes.

Both companies realize that our games are different.

I actually really appreciate the concerns you guys have even if I don’t share them or agree with their premise, because it shows me that you guys deeply care about EVE like I do…but then again I kinda suspected that already

What other successful product does ccp have on the market right now? What role does PA play in future products of CCP?

We have Gunjack, Sparc and Valkyrie still running and despite the VR market not having matured fast enough for our liking they’re doing relatively well. But EVE currently dwarfs them all obviously.

What role in new products…hard to say exactly at this point but I think we can get a lot of super valuable help on mobile products for example. Another thing that I think is really cool is that they strongly belive that MMOs have big future and that gamers will start seeking out deeper experiences. Many see MMOs as having already had their golden age but it doesn’t make sense to me because tech will allow us to do things soon that we could only dream of before and I think big gaming worlds will benefit immensely from that.

What was the reason for selling whole CCP to another entity? Will practices of favoring group of people while loosing people in rest of your game continue does CCP consider this good tactics overall? Road map, balancing, new ideas is there any feel free to let us know.

For the investors it was a logical conclusion to investing in a small gaming company a long time ago. But I think they also wanted to find a good home for CCP and Hilmar worked very well towards that goal I feel.

I don’t know what you mean by us favoring a group of people…I don’t think we do that.

As far as road maps go…we’ll continue making the best updates to EVE we can and announcing them in the coolest way possible (on Hoboleaks)

How much of the price tag was influenced by rights to Permaband?

That’s something I can’t comment on while my lawyers are in negotiations

With prominent players in the community publicly stating their opinions and unsubscribing from the game, do you have anything to say that might keep them around?

Everybody is free to do what they want obviously but I will say that it doesn’t make sense to me to quit something you like doing and care about because you think maybe something will happen later that you don’t like. But I 100% understand the anxiety about something you love and are protective about, I don’t even like to move my desk at work!

I would just advise people to wait and see and keep doing what they enjoy in the meantime. It’s not like a protest is gonna reverse a completed company sale anyway. If we were facing mass cancellations, which we aren’t, they only have the potential to hurt EVE…which is the possibility people are afraid of to begin with, right?

CCP is strongly icelandic company now. Will it be icelandic company in the future too?

CCP is mostly based in Iceland, but we have staff from all around the world and offices elsewhere. But EVE development will stay in Iceland where it’s always been located for the most part.

CCP is mostly based in Iceland, but we have staff from all around the world and offices elsewhere. But EVE development will stay in Iceland where it’s always been located for the most part.

Hard for us to answer but those are just two very different business transactions basically. This was deemed the best kind of deal by the parties involved.

All of the BOT / RMT cleansing that was recently done, was this in preparation for this takeover that just happend?

No, we’re always kicking bot butt.

Could I buy a Komodo directly from NES, I’m to lazy to farm?

No but if you meet me behind the CCP office in Reykjavík, I’ll the short guy with the fake mustache and glasses.

Will there be any more instanced PVE like the Abyss?

byssal Deadspace has worked pretty well and been well received so we’ll probably develop it further and quite possibly use the tech for other features.

Will EvE remain a single shard game?

There are no plans to move from the single shard approach for EVE

Will there be more jobs at CPP as a result of this? I was thinking of applying…

Keep an eye out, we’re always hiring

Can I still go ahead with my five year plan and be confident that the game will stay on track?

I’ve never had a five year guarantee for anything in life, inside or outside games :). But I think you can make a very strong bet that EVE will be going strong far into the future, even more so now than before I think. My chips are on EVE.

What can CCP Games learn from Pearl Abyss in monetisation mechanics, and apply it in EVE without turning New Eden to ash?

From the top of my head I can imagine things like flow, ease of access, mobile store options…I think we understand our product options pretty well already although I still think there are untapped possibilities there that players would take well to (Alliance/corp identity stuff maybe)

What % of the sale price is the bonus?mWhat is the expected revenue CCP has to generate to receive that bonus, and for what duration?

That’s internal finances stuff that we can’t just dump on a forum or we’d have our internet disconnected probably. Actually…you should know, it’s only fair. The numbers are as foll

CCP has said they’d like to create a multiplayer variation of Abyss sites in the future, but one of the special unique aspects of the Abyss is that it doesn’t last very long … every dive into it is random, with no connections to other Abyssal spaces, unique for you. The exact opposite is what enables WH space to be a vibrant place: you can anchor structures and live there.

There are some cool ideas floating around for what we could do with Abyssal Space. We had some discussions with the CSM at the summit this week and got some great feedback. We’ll release the minutes soon, including as much as we want to spoil at that point, but then you’ll probably hear more at EVE Vegas next month (or on the live stream if you’re not there)

CCP Falcon

Will there ever be items that can only be bought with money, that gives a player any advantage? Like Pay2Win.

There’s no plans at all for us to change how we monetize EVE in any significant way - pretty much business as usual for us.

Pearl Abyss have been pretty direct with us, and the public about the fact that they want us to keep having complete control over how we treat EVE and its community.

How much money was earned by CCP 2017 and how large was the profit?

This really isn’t the venue for us to be talking about financials and stuff like that - we’re more focused on making sure that community concerns are answered. What I can say though from my own personal point of view is that I have no worries in that respect about EVE.

Internally, CCP is VERY transparent with revenue numbers, and things are looking super sweet. It’s just the right time for us to change owners to someone that suits where we’re trying to take things, that’s all.

Were there others interested investors? Did you believe Pearl Abyss was the best choice?

Not really our place to talk specifics, but yes, and the attention was very flattering - at least in my opinion. Pearl Abyss was the best choice because they love making MMOs, just liike us, and have a similar sort of vision for creating huge-ass virtual worlds.

Will you consult every change in game with PA now? Or maybe PA already gave you a list of changes to implement?

They’ve given us no list of things to change, and they’re not looking to interfere with how EVE is developed. Pretty simple to be honest. They seem like cool dudes.

How does Pear plan on monetizing EVE in the future?

They don’t. CCP is developing EVE Online and Pearl Abyss have been super direct that they don’t want to interfere with how we run things.

How will CCP adapt to being owned by a company that appears to disregard its player base’s feedback?

See above, it’s just business as usual for us - we just have different owners. Now we’re owned by gamers instead of financial investors.

What will this acquistion mean to existing projects that have discontinued development (such as Eve: Valkyrie/Spark) and unreleased but under development projects, such as Nova and “the unnamed other” project? Will we likely see anything pertaining to their future soon as well?

There’s no plans to change any of our roadmaps for any of our titles due to the sale of CCP. Nothing really else to say here, we’re just focusing on EVE, which was the comment we gave after we scaled back on VR late last year

Is this likely to effect the developing story in the Eve Universe in anyway?

I think it’s too early to say, really - Personally I hope so, I’d love to write more.

Will this effect CCP’s support for community events and meets (like the global fanfest initiative)?

If you mean in a negative way, nope. Pearl Abyss have been super flattering when they’ve talked about how we engage with our players. If anything, it seems like they want to learn from us, and the close bonds we’ve created with our players.

WIll this acquisition change the relationship CCP has with +10 gaming?

No, we still plan to work with the community, for the community.

Also, can you promise that Alliance Tournament ships will NOT be re-released as anything else than prizes for competition?

There’s no reason why we’d do this on TQ, and suggesting it is madness. People are super worried about “pay to win” becoming a thing in EVE - That’s not the plan, and not something we want for the game. While it’s funny to meme on the subject, you guys really need to chill a bit

Will PA force their marketing behavior into EvE Online? Will there be further microtransactions? Everyone who took a slight look at BDO knows what I am talking about.

Pearl Abyss have been super direct that they don’t want to roll in and change how we develop and run EVE.

Since when did you decide to sell CCP?

Not sure how long we’ve been considering it to be honest - initially I think it was just “let’s look for more investment!” which is what privately owned companies do all the time. Then we ran into Pearl Abyss and were like “these dudes are pretty cool, let’s go the whole hog!”

And why to Pearl Abyss?

They’re the right fit, as we’ve said in a few places.

Has “Into the Abyss” etc. anything to do with the sale?

haha - not that I’m aware of. Happy coincidence that the names match up as far as I know.

What aspects of the merger are you personally excited about?

If you’re asking for personal opinion there’s a few things:

Not being owned by financial investors is great - being owned by a GAMING company means that they’re more interested in how we develop rather than the bottom line. I think a lot of people at CCP that I’ve spoke to are feeling a lot better about being owned by a company that’s in the games industry.

Knowledge exchange is also up high on my list - I want us to be able to work together for the betterment of all our titles. I’m sure there’s a shitload that we can learn from eachother.

I think it’s also super cool that we might be able to reach more people in Korea and the Asian Market in general with EVE.

Honestly, on a personal level I don’t really see any downsides to this. Pearl Abyss seem cool, super open to the way we do things, and very respectful of CCP and how we operate.

Will Pearl Abyss’ embracing of sexually suggestive content conflict with the more restrained standards of CCP, or can there now officially be more room for more mature content in this game, largely populated by adults, which still imposes a self-regulated age 12 rating?

If you’ve got a thing for boobies, you’re always going to be dissapointed in EVE, because it’s about spaceships. Not really sure what to say here, bud. There’s websites for that kind of thing.

Does CCP retain 100% creative control over EVE Online?

Yep, there’s been lots of discussions about this and the plan is that we maintain 100% control over EVE. That’s the way that both CCP and Pearl Abyss want it

Will CCP now focus on EVE Online instead of other doomed projects such as VR or FPS?

Diversifying makes sure that we’re always going to keep things sharp and fresh. We’ve done that in the past - some stuff has worked, some hasn’t. Never say never, I think we’ll also work on other projects, but EVE will always remain a huge part of what we do. Working with Pearl Abyss gives us so many opportunities to do more work on more projects, we’d be super dumb not to embrace them.

Has PA changed/refocused/axed/added the things currently under development or are they still wholly under CCP control?

No changes, still 100% under CCP control.

When did Pearl Abyss first approach CCP or vice versa? Even a rough timeline would be helpful to let us know how long this deal has been in the works.

It’s been in talks for a while - not sure how long exactly. Personally I found out a while back because I’m also the Company Ombudsman and there’s a lot of stuff that has to be discussed when something like this happens. There’s been lots of talking about this in 2018

Will this deal provide a net increase or decrease in development resources for EVE? How about the other projects like Project Nova? Any major strategic changes from within CCP as a result of the acquisition?

I’d safely say from my personal knowledge that there’s not a planned decrease. I’m hoping myself that we’ll be able to put more people on staff, but at the same time, throwing bodies at a project isn’t always the right answer.

Are there any immediate plans for avatar gameplay in EVE as a result of now-available tech, assets, and expertise? If not, are there plans to pursue or investigate this possibility?

Nope, we’re focused on spaceships.

Will Pearl Abyss be using CCP to help improve its own community handling in the EU and US? Any broad idea of how that collaboration will occur?

I’m hoping that they reach out to us - we aim to learn from eachother. That said, it’s literally been 24 hours since this was all announced so it’s a bit early

Fanfest in Seoul?

I mean, I wouldn’t say no to being sent over there to take a look at things, but it’s too early to really say haha.

With this recent influx in cash, and the announcement for 64 bit clients, will we be seeing a large investment into increasing server stability?

We’re always investing in improving stability - I’m hoping myself that we’ll see benefits from working with another gaming company that seems to have a pretty good handle on scalability

Will Pearl Abyss start announcing big game updates/patches in Korea in Korean first like they do with their other games/titles like Black Desert?

Nope, we’re still developing and messaging in English. Not sure if we’ll offer Korean localization in future, but I hope so. Amusingly, there’s apparently a lot of EVE Online fans working for Pearl Abyss, and when this was announced to their staff, one of the most frequent questions was “ooooh, can we get a Korean Localized version of EVE???”

Will pearl abyss try to add more micro-transactions and services to eve?

EVE’s development still lies with CCP - Pearl Abyss aren’t looking to interfere with it.

I was about to apply for a job at ccpgames when the news broke yesterday. Is there gonna be a change/stop in hiring planned at the moment?

There’s no plan to stop hiring - we’re always looking for new talent, so be sure to apply if you meet the job spec and want to be part of this kinda messed up but awesome family

Where do we as STREAMFLEET stand , Where do us streamers stand with this sell out to Pearl Abyss.

Our relationship with the community, and community content creators remains unchanged. In terms of pay to win - I’ve answered it a few times already - CCP still controls development of EVE Online, we’ve been super explicit on that front. Nothing to worry about.

What does this mean for CCP Chair?

I’d imagine he’s going to be pretty happy, as there’ll be more asses to sit on him, which increases his overall productivity.

If you play BDO or EVE Online, would you be able to get subscription deals if you subscribe to both?

There’s no plans at this stage for any type of deals like this. Too early to say, really.

What is the thing you all most admire about PA?

Their directness, and their respect for CCP and what we’ve done over the last 20 years. We all recieved a super nice message from their CEO, Robin, during the announcement to all our staff, that laid everything out super nicely and was really well received.

Do you think that this will change the development cycle for EVE?

There’s no plans to change anything in terms of how we develop EVE.

Will pearl abyss have any say in any new features to EVE?

They’ve been super direct about the fact that they want CCP to continue to wholly control the development and destiny of EVE.

CCP’s products are first and foremost aimed in a niche market. While PA has the mentality of en masse produced product, with a low cost entry for the consumer, and various premium additions. How does this difference of mentality is viewed from CCP?

There’s both differences and similarities really - I think there’s lots that we can learn from eachother’s development models.

Will we see in the future a more business oriented roadmap-the likes of EvE development roadmap, for the various business projects of CCP? Do you think this is something that must be communicated? There was many instances in the past where CCP communicated a lack of resources over various projects but apparently the company is healthy enough(both in level of product but also financially as CEO Hilmar stated there were around 40 million in cash reserves.)

Not sure what you’re asking for here, but there’ll be more information on what’s coming for EVE in 2018/2019 at EVE Vegas. Hilmar will be out there, and will be presenting, so you should come along or tune in. We’ll be broadcasting it for free if you can’t make it.

Will PA transfer resources to CCP to enlarge the studio and throw more development for CCP? Will they lead the development if that happens or CCP?

Not something that’s really been discussed at this stage - it’s super early in the relationship so there’s not really a lot of info we can give on this.

Will PLEX purchase rates remain the same?

No plans to change anything in this respect.

Will Omega Subscription rates remain the same?

Or this respect…

Will Alpha and Omega Clone states within game remain the same?

… or this respect, however over time I’m sure that the benefits of both clone types may evolve - they already have done since we released Acesnsion.

Will Character Service rates for Transfers, MCT’s, Extractors, etc, remain the same?

No plan to change this either.

Unlike many other online games, Eve Online is all about the players.

It’ll continue to be about the players. That’s what New Eden is all about. Your stories, your conquests, your failures.

I hope, that the CCP acquisition by Pearl Abyss allows Eve Online to keep its unique personality, that rebel spirit that has made this game what it is today. Was this aspect considered during the acquisition?

I hear you 110%. I’m a 16 year veteran of EVE, and this is THE REASON that I came to work here.

I love CCP, and could never think of myself working anywhere else. The nature of the company, the way we engage with our players, the spirit of the community, the history, the heritage. That’s what it’s all about.

No one is trying to ■■■■ with that, and no one WANTS to. From what I’ve heard from speaking to Hilmar, Pearl Abyss are in just as much awe as we are over the crazy ■■■■ that you guys constantly pull. The one thing that makes me the most happy about being bought by them is the fact that so far, they’ve seemed to just be like “hey, you guys… do your thing!”.

Feels really good man.

Will your focus remain on satisfying the Western markets, or will you shift to try attracting a different demographic such as Asia? How do you intend to satisfy your target demographic going forward?

Our target audience is global, and we’ll continue to develop with that in mind. It’s always been this way. We have some cool projects going on with NetEase as our publishing partner in China, and of course the re-launch of EVE China that’s coming soon. We’ve said time and time again that literally the only reasons we have a seperate Chinese cluster are legal ones.

If this wasn’t the case, our audience would be 100% global, and you guys would be playing all together in one place. Business as usual. You guys want spaceships, we’re gonna keep making 'em.

How will player data be handled? Will the data stay in EU area or moved to elsewhere? Will the future service we get be GDPR compliable?

There are no planned changes to our infrastructure, and if we want to operate in Europe, we have to stay compliant with GDPR. I don’t know why this is even a question really - player data and security remains a hugely important thing for us.

Will we still be able to pay the monthly sub with PLEX and retain the current access we have to all the ships Omega status currently grants by that?

There’s no plans to change this.

Will more varied sales packages be added with ships and other boosters included in the cash shop?

No idea what we’ll offer in future, but we’re not about to go wrecking the economy we’ve spent 15 years building with you guys.

Will we receive passive perks at certain SP amount thresholds? Like overall dmg bonus at 100mil SP and so on?

Game design questions aren’t really my thing, if you’re looking for something like this as a feature, then you’d probably want to request it

My question is to CCP Hilmar, do you still love EvE?

I’m sure he does - whenever I speak to him he won’t shut up about it.

How will this effect the development cycle for Eve Online? Eve Players fear about P2W coming. What do you answer them? What does this mean for announced CCP Projekts like (or especially for) Project: Nova ?

Firstly - <3

Secondly, there’s no planned changes to how we develop EVE Online. There’s no reason to fear that EVE is going to suddenly go pay to win. CCP still has control over how EVE is developed.

As for the third point, business as usual. These projects press on

With this new thing happening, will we see the source code be re-written for multi-threading to help ease TiDi and help prevent the chance of a node “stuck” or death event?

I knew this one would come up haha… No idea to be honest - There’s lots of benefits that are going to be a thing from an acquisition like this, it’s just too early to see what they’ll be in too much detail yet. On a personal note - I’m REALLY hoping one of these benefits will be knowledge sharing that improves stability.

Exactly how much autonomy will CCP retain over EVE’s development?


Will Pearl Abyss have the ability to “take the wheel” if CCP fails to meet financial targets?

Not something that’s been discussed, but from my views of what I’ve seen so far - they seem more focused on us continuing to make EVE awesome over anything else.

Pearl Abyss has a notoriously bad reputation for their monetization practices in Black Desert Online. Practices which are reminiscent of the “Summer of Rage” which nearly destroyed CCP in 2011. Was this considered when formulating this transaction?

I wasn’t sat in a seat around the negotiation table because I’m a minion, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was discussed.EVE is very profitable, it has an amazing community, and I think the last thing that Pearl Abyss would want to do is pay almost half a billion dollars to roll in and take over.

They’ve been very direct that they want us to continue to do our thing, so I have no real concerns around this personally.

How will this acquisition affect official EVE events and player partnerships such as EVE NT and Streamfleet?

There’s no plans to change how we engage with our players, or the wider community.

What is the potential for multiple mobile apps based on the EVE IP in the near future?

It’s no secret that Pearl Abyss have a LOT of mobile experience. Right now we’ve got projects for mobile ongoing with Netease and Playraven.

There’s no plans to change what we’re doing right now as far as I’m aware, but I’m hoping personally that we can certainly see some cool mobile stuff for EVE down the line. It’s really too early to say at this stage though.

What is the status of the mobile app CCP is already working on?

It’s going good, you’ll find out more at Vegas, if I remember right.

Does it appear that CCP will work exclusively on EVE-IP related stuff going forward including mobile apps, or is it likely that Pearl will take on EVE IP mobile app development in their own studio or via another spin-off/subsidiary?

Too early to say really, but the plan is for CCP to continue to do what we do best - spaceships

Are there plans to relocate CCP devs or management to Pearl’s HQ offices?

There are no plans to relocate us, beyond the plan that’s already in place for our office to move location within Reykjavik in 2019/2020 to a new building that’s currently being constructed for us. It’d be a massive undertaking anyway, moving so many nerds and all their stuff around

Will we see anything to do with ground Avatar based gameplay? (since the avatars in black desert online are up to a very high standard)

As we said when we removed captain’s quarters, there’s no plans to do further work on avatar gameplay in EVE Online.

Can I bring my Drake?

No… dirty Caldari. Gallente is superior.

How will this effect merchandising? will we finally get proper loot into the EVE store?

It’s too early to say, really - we’ll have to figure things out going forward. I’d love more EVE swag though

What benefits do Pearl Abyss bring to the table for CCP and for the future of EVE Online?

There’s a long list, that’s for sure. Knowledge of building virtual worlds, technical knowledge, scalability knowledge… all kinds of things. There’s a lot of super smart people there, and I’m sure more benefits will come to light in future.

What do you think Pearl Abyss can gain by working with CCP?

We’ve got a 20 year history of building virtual words. We’re also a bit crazy, and I’m kinda hoping that rubs off on them :stuck_out_tongue:

I also think we can learn from eachother in a lot of different areas, and I’ve heard that Pearl Abyss are super interested in how we engage with our players and what we do to retain people and disseminate information.

Hopefully we can help eachother in all kinds of areas.

EVE Online has long maintained an unwritten(?) policy of cash shop not inflating the ISK & SP supply in the market, and all cash shop items being tradeable on the market for prices decided by players. Is there any intention to move away from this policy?

The “OMG PAY TO WIN” thing got old after about three posts

CCP maintains control of how we develop EVE - we’re not going to start ruining the economy we’ve spent 15 years watching you guys build.

What guarantee do we have, given Pearl Abyss’ history of failing to uphold their promises (for example cron stones on EU/NA servers), that the same won’t happen with EVE?

I mean, to be fair there’s a few things that CCP have missed the mark with over the years. There’s no guarantees on anything in life, but we’re in a position where we still maintain control over EVE, so we’ll continue to do what we do best.

Are there things you and/or others are looking forward to being able to do with EVE/other CCP projects, that were previously either only tenative or beyond CCPs existing resources at the time?

It’s really too early to talk about other future projects - we’re still kind of settling into things first

How long did the negotiations last?

Can’t really be too specific, but they’ve been going on for a few months at least. Things like this take time

Were there things you guys had to do in order to finish the deal? As in: were previous layoffs part of the deal?

We can’t really go into specifics like that here, but not that I’m aware of.

Was “Abyssal Deadspace” an insider joke about the upcoming acquisition?

I wish we could claim credit, but it was a total concidence

Will we keep having known faces at CCP around or will there be another round of large-scale layoffs?

There’s no plans for any changes in this respect.

Is P.A. more interested in CCP’s IP, expertise and possible secret projects or do they intent to turn EVE Online into a space-themed BDO clone?

The former, not the latter. they’ve been super direct about this. They want CCP to keep being CCP, and to keep running EVE as we have done successsfully for 15 years.

Do you consider this to be a good deal for the further development of EVE Online? If so, can you go into some detail? Specifically: will this mean larger operating capital for the development of EVE?

I think this is an amazing deal for the future development of EVE Online. It’s still early days, but all the signals we’re getting from Pearl Abyss are right, and they feel super good.

I’ve been with EVE for 16 years, as a player then as a dev. I’m not worried AT ALL. In fact, I’m super enthusiastic for the future.

What do you think about player reactions so far?

Personally, I knew it’d be pretty negative - our community is super protective of EVE, which is only right given the sheer investment you guys put into it. I’ve been a player for 16 years - I know how it goes, and for some people, hearing reassurance from us will help, for some it won’t.

Realistically, time will tell how things go. I’m just looking forward to hopefully looking back on this in a couple of years and being like “lol, you guys.”

Will there be any drastic changes to how the game functions? Alphas still being a thing? Will PVP still be fundamental part? Will EVE continue to be single shard?

No, there’s no plans to change anything. Business as usual.

What can we expect to happen in the near future, say the next 6 to 12 months?

There’s no plans to change the current roadmap, you’ll hear more at Vegas.

What plans are in place for maintaining EVEs Business Model of Subscriptions with Cosmetic only Items in the Nex store?

No planned changes in our roadmap.

What does the acquisition mean for Community and customer support services moving forward?

It’s really too early to tell at this stage - we’re only 24 hours in to this being an actual thing

Pearl Abyss are super interested in how we work with our players though, and how we engage with you guys, so we’ll see. I’m very optimistic about the future.

What does the acquisition mean for our account data, is it going to be shared with the new owners or will CCP be the sole user and owner of our personal data?

Our privacy policies aren’t going to change.

How long has this acquisition been in the works? Approximately what time frame so that your player base can get an idea of the kind of changes, both in game and in your staffing, that took place around that time.

Can’t really be specific as I don’t really know, other than “a few months”.

Your company’s decision to remove community team (or whatever you had been calling it at the time) was objectively a bad one, and caused you a lot of PR problems. Now that hopefully you’ll be receiving a boost in your staff budgeting, what kind of changes can we expect to the number and type of staff at CCP Games?

Too early to say, really, but we’ll see what happens going forward.

In the past few years, you’ve made both undeniably good quality of life changes to lessen the edge of loss in Eve Online, and made extremely questionable decisions (such as the release of skill injectors and extractors) that have had lasting effects on the game. Should we expect to see more “pay for convenience” items being introduced into the game, and if there are many, will part of your new funding be dedicated to integrating/balancing those mechanics in a positive way?

Again, there’s no plans to change our current roadmap in terms of what’s coming to EVE. Some of it will be new features, some of it will be iterations on services and features we already have within New Eden.

Will your new mobile title reach western markets, or be exclusively targeted at eastern/asian markets?

Too early to say really, but I believe the plan is to lanuch in the asian market first.

When will I get to buy a monocle?

You can buy one now if you want, they’re on the market.

Can I now buy walking in station for a fee? - Eur 49 would be well balanced

There are no plans to work on avatar gameplay going forward.

Can I pay to get a single player mode so there is no worries for any ratting and mining person/s and feel safe

EVE is an MMO. The Ms stand for Massively Multiplayer.

Will there be any more instanced PVE like the Abyss?

You’ll find out more about what’s coming next for EVE Online at EVE Vegas.

Will EvE remain a single shard game?


Hilmar Veigar remains CCP Games ceo?


Will out of game player events like Fanfest still happen

There’s no plans to change this - real world events are a cornerstone of our community.

Is this deal almost the same as disney/marvel where CCP is still a studio and owned by PA

Not sure what the specifics are there - CCP is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Pearl Abyss.

What changes to staff do you know about and can comment on

No planned changes.

Future game like nova still coming or on hold?

Still coming, in development.

What is the mood in the offices since the announcement?

It’s been great. I’ve known for a while because I work as the Company Ombudsman too, and also had to work on the communication side of things, and I was scared that people were going to be super worried.

We actually had a Global Staff Meeting today where everyone from CCP came together to talk about this and get full details of what it means for the company. The atmosphere was fantastic.

Guard, Falcon. Personally are you two upbeat or nervous or both for these changes? Not the company line, the bottom line for you two.

I’m very upbeat, and very enthusiastic about what the future holds.

You know me as well as anyone in the community Mike, I don’t screw around when I’m talking to people and I’m very direct if I don’t like something.

This is a really good move for CCP, and it’s a really good time for it to happen. There are a lot of opportunities to be had. Pearl Abyss sound like they’ll be great to work with, and I’m super interested to see what we can learn from eachother.

I’ve always said that if I ever lose faith in the future of our titles, mainly EVE as that’s where I’m focused and born from in terms of being at CCP, that’ll it’ll be the time that I check out and move on to do other things.

I can’t see that being any time in the near or distant future. I’m feeling VERY good about all this.

Can we expect changes to player events such as Fanfest and Eve Vegas as a result of this change?

It’s too early to tell really, but I’m hoping that Pearl Abyss can learn from what we do to engage our players. Maybe we’ll see DesertFest or something like that in future haha. In all seriousness though, not sure at this stage, but things are looking very positive.

What can you do to dampen the doomsday atmosphere Eve Online players currently have for this acquisition?

Only time will do that really, and a demonstration that things are going to continue on the right track, in the right direction.

So it’s quite simple what have they asked for u to change???

Literally nothing.

Can we expect to see the CSM to be disbanded, under PA managment ?

Madness. The CSM is great.

Are you sure u not a machine. You do a AMA AND released September Deployment notes

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it <3

I’m hooked in this game and would like to continue in its current form for the long run, what do you think this acquisition will bring to the actual game?

More of the same - Awesome spaceships.

I noticed in the interview with Robin Jung, that he mentioned he was at the last fanfest. Did he get into the middle of things and walk the floor talking to people or was he just VIP’d around and didn’t get to interact directly with the players?

Yes, he was walking around, but he was mega sneaky… hahaha. From what I gather, he wanted to experience how we run events like this and see how we engage with our players. Fanfest is always a great venue to do that

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love answering the same question over and over again? lol

It’s just part of the job, I’ve been doing it for 6 years haha

You CCP guys really have no first hand experience at actually playing BDO extensive enough, do you?

I’ve actually been playing BDO for a short while now to familiarize myself with it. It’s kinda cool, but I feel like I’d need way more experience to judge it. Some aspects of it are uh… mesmerizing… others are exciting. Fantasy MMOs aren’t really my thing, but the one thing that really stood out to me was holy ■■■■ is that game engine beautiful. A bit too much glare on some surfaces (I think because of the recent introduction of PBR), but holy crap it’s a pretty game.

Can you approximate what level of new investment will come to EVE with the acquisition?

Will we see more development, art, etc, as a result of the acquisition? It’s too early to say, really.

So apparently PA are going to be hands off with EVE and CCP (not sure I entirely believe this) if this is true why are you so excited about the new owners? What’s making it exciting?

Opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience mainly, and the ability to help each other with projects. Also, being owned by a gaming company means different objectives and a different mentality, rather than being owned by financial investors.

Do you honestly feel that PA will have any effects on the lore? This game definitely is more about the story we create as players, but after all its had multiple novels written for its background story. It has some place in the game even if the focus hasn’t set it at the forefront.

Development of EVE and its IP still lies with CCP. I hope we get the chance to touch lore more, but that entirely depends on priorities going forward.

Is there a desire, or will there be opportunity for, the BDO and Eve communities to collaborate together on events (ingame or real life)?

I mean, I’m not saying I’d like to orbitally bombard Heidel City with my Megathron… …but I’d kinda like to orbitally bombard Heidel City with my Megathron. Just sayin’.

Does CCP plans publish new eve comics or books in the future?

I’d love to be able to do that going forward - I love to write, and hopefully that can be a thing again in future

Will South Korea be added to the list of events like EVE Vegas and Eve Fanfest?

I mean EVE Seoul would be pretty amazing. We’d have to host it in Gangman though, that’s my only condition. Coincidentally, it’s now 18:44 and I’ve been listening to Gangnam Style on repeat since 16:30. Just realized

Now CCP has joined with PA, do you know if PA’s talent or expertise in anyway will help with server code/hardware/stability for EVE?

I’m sure we’ll both work to help each other in every way we can

I’ve scanned half the thread and haven’t seen anyone ask about third party developers yet. Will this acquisition have any effect on third party developers? I’m sure nothing will happen short term, but I am thinking long term as well. Will this affect sites such as zkillboard?

I can’t see a way in which it would. I don’t really know how many ways I can say the same thing - Pearl Abyss love the way we do community, and aren’t looking to change how we interact with you guys.

Will eve be adopting PA Eula in regards to accounts, rmt, scamming, multiboxing ect. Ect?

We have our own EULA and policies, that’s the way it intends to stay. Again, Pearl Abyss are not looking to interfere with how we operate EVE Online.

Will tranquility remain London based or could the server find itself in S.E soon?

There are no plans to move Tranquility - we just took it to a new datacenter with all new hardware a couple of years back. It would make zero sense to move it.

Will we need to create PA accounts or will or CCP accounts transfer over?

You won’t need to do anything with your accounts.

Will CCP offer refunds for any unfulfilled subscritpions a.k.a plex if requested? I accepted ccp contractual agreements not PA’s, I may want a refund if Eula changes.

The EULA is not going to change, so this is a moot point. Our EULA is pretty explicit on refunds.

Has a voluntary redundancy been offered for CCP staff, if so what has been the up take?

Why would that even be a thing? No restructure is planned.

Will Plex be transferable to other PA services and vice versa?

No plans have been discussed regarding any connectivity in that respect.

Can you give us an update about whether or not Project Nova is planning to be a continued project and what expectations are for that IP moving forward?

Still planned, still coming. More info soon

Will you change your stance on cloaky campers?