Last week was rough on pretty much anyone trying to access EVE or any CCP related services. Due to a constant DDOS attack, a lot of players are reporting issues from massive lag to constant disconnects...

While taking a look at EVE server monitor might not show it, many players have been cut out of their favourite hated game for almost a week now. Anything from lag, frequent disconnects up to literally not being able to connect to the game at all plagues EVE for days...

Even though some regions are less affected (personally most of my EUTZ corp members have little-to-no issues), the DDOS attacks continue and CCP is working on monitoring and actively trying to douse the fires as they pop up.

There is no known workaround that will guarantee you a stable game session but if you're getting connection errors upon starting the game, simply close the popup and click the „Connect“ button at the bottom of the screen. This works in most cases when it comes to simply connecting to the game.

CCP Dopamine even posted an official update stating:

Dear Pilots,

Let me shed more light on the issues we have been experiencing for the last several days.

The DDoS attacks that started over a week ago have been on-going and the majority of the problems you all have been dealing with are a direct result of this. Our teams and partners have constantly been working on minimizing the interruption to our services, however, the experience for many pilots have still been suboptimal. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience it has caused you.

We understand that the inability to properly play EVE Online has been the source of frustration and it is our highest priority to do everything within our power to restore and maintain a high level of service that you expect from us.

We have been continuously monitoring all communication channels to gauge the impact on the players. Thanks to everyone who took the time to report in. I want to do a better job at clearly communicating the status of the problems that are affecting different players using three status stages:

The updates will be provided as they are available in this thread and @EVE_Status account. Thank you for your understanding.

Issue: In-game Chat Not Working Properly
Status: ON-GOING
Comment: We made changes that should help restore the chat functionality. Please report any odd in-game channel behavior in this thread.

Issue: Unable to Connect
Status: ON-GOING
Comment: We are aware that a subset of players is still unable to connect to the game properly and are working on improving the situation for those affected.

Issue: Lag and Disconnect
Status: ON-GOING
Comment: We are aware that some players are experiencing a higher rate of disconnects and latency problems. This is under investigation.