The main objective of the recruitment program is to allow existing pilots in EVE to invite their friends to join them in New Eden in a way that benefits both parties.

When CCP launched the new program last year, it was mentioned that they’d be looking to change up the rewards depending on how they were being claimed and how the recruitment program was being used. With this in mind, this Monday will see some changes to the recruitment program based on the last year of player behavior.

The recruitment program is one of the best tools for bringing new pilots into NewEden via referral, and CCP sincerely believes in its importance.

Judging by the metrics and how much players use it, CCP plans to work with the community to keep it fresh and fun for both referring veterans and the rookies who’re joining the community through this channel.

That said, there are some rewards – primarily the PLEX reward – that have been abused over the course of the last year, so CCP plans to look at switching them out to see how this impacts the program going forward.

Announced changes

  • New recruits will receive more Skill Points from the program.
  • Reward one will replace reward three and be doubled for the recruiter.
  • Reward two will be changed to give omega time instead of PLEX for the recruiter.

When these changes are implemented, the rewards will stand as follows:

  • New recruits will receive 1,000,000 skill points (increased from 750,000).
  • Recruiter will receive 4x 24h accelerators when their recruit purchases PLEX.
  • Recruiter will receive 15 days of Omega time when their recruit purchases Omega time.

As always, the new changes will be monitored and swapped again at some point in the future.