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Frontier cancels all plans for Elite's console development

Frontier cancels all plans for Elite's console development

To say Elite's been in a bad place for the last couple of years would be an understatement, so the latest announcement from David Braben himself will definitely not bode well for the future of the franchise in general – but especially on consoles.


The Scorpion - brand new SRV takes the spotlight of Update 9

Update 9 for Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey lands and brings a long list of fixes, optimisations but most importantly new features, a glimpse at the upcoming carrier interiors and a brand new SRV!

New SRV, mission improvements and emotes coming in Odyssey update 8

New SRV, mission improvements and emotes coming in Odyssey update 8

A new update is landing for Odyssey that brings more variety to interiors, a new SRV model, emotes, mission improvements and new engineers!

Odyssey - Developer update 3

Odyssey - Developer update 3

Since Odyssey’s launch Frontier made a large number of updates to in-game lighting to bring the experience more in line with Commander expectations. The latest Dev update 3 brings us more info on the new and upcoming features coming to Elite.


Upcoming fixes and updates to Odyssey - Update 6

After the recent post by David Braben reflecting on the bad state of Odyssey, Frontier published yet another planned list of updates for the game – this time, it actually looks like a real roadmap for the next patch cycle!

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