Following the footsteps of the extremely successful previous expedition, Distant Worlds 2 will be heading to the far outer rim of the galaxy culminating at Beagle point around 18 weeks after departure.

The basic idea is to travel the route with a large group of friends, explorers and adventurers at your own pace and regroup at designated waypoints along the journey. The hosts have planned a myriad of events and projects to take part in during the “Waypoint Weekend” to make the engagement of the signed up pilots even more meaningful.

Distant Worlds 2 is a multi-platform event covering PC, Xbox and PS4 that offers participation in all game modes and the departure is set for January 13th, starting from the Distant Worlds 3302 Tourist Beacon in the Pallaeni system.

Expedition Ethos

The expedition is going to be composed of several thousand commanders, and therefore several thousand play-styles. Organizers’ goal is to accommodate as many play-styles as possible. The general ethos will be one of freedom and diversity. You will be able to take part to whatever extent you like, and hopefully there will be plenty of activities and goals on offer for you to take your pick. There will be events, meetups, competitions, missions, games, and much more, all within the framework of the journey, and with the overarching theme of discovery.

In order to keep the fleet as a fleet, and the expedition as an expedition, efforts will be made to keep things structured. Waypoints will be revealed only when it is time to head toward them, and CMDRs who rush on ahead will be removing themselves from the fleet, and therefore this is discouraged. There will be plenty to do and see between waypoint meetups.

The average waypoint to waypoint distance is around 5,000 Light Years, therefore as a rough guide, a travel time requirement of around 2 hours spread over 5 days for a 45 LY ranged ship (the current fleet average) will be required. Revealing the route in stages will help encourage the early emphasis of the DW2 expedition to lean toward a more thorough and slower-paced attitude to exploration and discovery during the journey into the new unknown.

Project Synopsis

The expedition will encompass a myriad of gameplay activities, with many of these coming from a variety of role-based projects. Choosing one role over another does not prevent you from taking part in any event or project during DW2 as many of the projects will overlap in certain aspects, and are written in a way that facilitates cooperation.

These projects fall under the following categories;

  • Discovery & Exploration - the heart of the expedition
  • Industry - the construction of a science station in the galactic core region
  • Mining - spearheading Deep Space Mining through the procurement of metals and minerals
  • Science - studying the galaxy and its mysteries
  • Tourism - share the experience, offering a seat in your cockpits to pilots in the Bubble
  • Cartography - the ongoing project to map the galaxy
  • Logistics - offering a mixture of roleplay and practical gameplay
  • Roleplay & Events - a chance to take part in an evolving story as well as blow off steam with some basecamp shenanigans

If such an event with a large community engagement sounds interesting to you – it’s still not late to sign up and be a part of the 2nd generation of one of the greatest expeditions Elite: Dangerous has ever seen.

For the full info on the roles listed above check the expedition information index and visit their official website for the signup itself.

Fly safe and fly curiously!