Earlier today the EVE gate network started shutting down all across the cluster. Interferences are tied to Triglavian invasion activities and represent the final chapter of the ongoing story Arc.

Reports are coming in from all sides of New Eden but it looks like nullsec systems are currently being affected the most. Providence, Pure Blind, Venal, Tribute and Tenerifis are all showing massive gate fluctuations cutting down travel capabilities. At the moment, the gates seem to be extremely unstable but show signs of re-enabling their services in 15-20 minute intervals.

The massive interference also seems to affect Ansiblex structures as well – not only regular stargates.

Meanwhile in hisec, Amarr Navy deployed a large force and is gathering on Sasiekko-Raravoss gate. Triglavian supporters have already started mobilizing their own capsuleers and are on their way to the same location.

You can follow the live coverage of the events on the official CCP Twitch stream