Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Albion Pride on its mission to…no, wait. Before anyone can start any missions, there have to be ships and stations, NPC and player models, asteroids and planets and other game objects. How these assets are created and how they find their way into the game, will be answered in greater detail in the new Behind the Scenes thread on the Egosoft forum hosted by an Egosoft graphics designer/developer.

Following the Behind the Scenes topic you will not only get insight into the ideas and model creation processes for X Rebirth, but may also see some teasers of the upcoming The Teladi Outpost DLC. Further, this is not a one-way process; if you have a question, ask it there. If you have a suggestion, post it there. We would be glad to hear your ideas and comments on the thread topics.