The colony in question may only contain a single structure (for the time being), Jaques Station, but it is steadily becoming a hive of activity, with NPCs and players coming and going, mining operations underway, and even searches for Barnacle sites within the Colonia Nebula itself. Effectively a 'micro bubble' has opened up, complete with a fledgling economy thanks to players shipping commodities back and forth since Jaques' discovery.

This is a real opportunity to show FD that dev time fleshing out this tiny speck of human endeavor is worth their while. If enough players come along on the adventure, and add to the early pioneer efforts, it could really help cement the positive vibes rumored of what FD may have planned for this part of the Galaxy - an incentive to create some tangible content out there for explorers to interact with and utilize for evermore - something a lot of us have campaigned for since the very early days of deep space exploration!

The Expedition

August Exodus - A Jaunt to Jaques is an expedition that has been planned since Jaques' discovery, and now that the Dangerous Games are effectively over, the time for its launch is here. It's an adventure set up by the Galactic Mapping Team in cooperation with the Google+ Elite Community. The expedition out to the Colonia Nebula is ideal for all those interested in Jacques' story and who want to put their weight behind a venture that could lead to actual permanent content far beyond the bubble. A 22,000 LY trip out to the western edges of the galactic core, complete with interesting scientific and visual POIs along the way, and even basecamp rendezvous points for those social gatherings that made the DWE so much fun. All of which make this the most interesting "shipping lane" to date!

The outward bound journey consists of 6 major POIs - including one unique one! Michell's Legacy. The route also includes 3 optional basecamps that can act as welcome rest stops and social gathering points for those heading out there.

The return leg consists of 5 major waypoints, including a further 3 basecamps - one of which (Mors Pit) makes Drake's Ridge of DWE infamy look like happy fluffy bunny land. Its one of the most eerie places you can visit, a location in perpetual twilight and shrouded in an ominous thick green mist, and surrounded by mysterious noises. Don't go exploring the Pit alone!


The expedition is flexible and has two launch dates :

  • Convoy #1 departs on July 31st at 19:00 gametime
  • Convoy #2 departs on August 15th at 19:00 gametime

Departure point is the Anderson Beacon Planetary Port in He Xians.

The journey is scheduled to bring players to Jaques by mid-August and late-August respectively. Upon arrival those wanting to stick around and help with mining operations (bring mining lasers!), or help with the barnacle hunt are encouraged to do so, and those wanting to make a return to the bubble and get back home in time for September's Galactic Nebula Expedition should have plenty of time too.

For ideas of what ship builds to consider for this trip, check out Henkka77's thread.

For those making the return journey, you'll notice the final waypoint passes through the Dumbbell Nebula. This is an opportunity for explorers to help CMDR Elementical's great pioneering effort to completely sector map the Dumbbell Sector - details of which can be found here.

Further details and communication regarding this expedition can be found on the official forums.