With the December release, pilots both new and old can benefit from free access to all Tech I hulls up to Battleship class as part of a large addition of skills to the Alpha skillset. Cross-faction training is also available for free, allowing for Alpha clone access to vessels across all factions in New Eden.

To supplement this change, free access has also been granted to skills that allow for the use of Tech II small and medium weapons systems.

Arms Race Event

With this release, capsuleers can enjoy an event catered toward the newfound power of alpha clones, that celebrates free access to battlecruisers and battleships, and provides rewards themed around them.

Tackle the Rogue Drone hives to gather points, and check The Agency in game to see what rewards are available for your efforts!

Daily Alpha Injector

This release also brings a new training option for Alpha Pilots, with the ability to accrue skillpoints on a daily, rather than monthly basis using Daily Alpha Injectors.

These injectors can be used once per day, per alpha character, and can be activated immediately to add 50,000 skillpoints into a pilot’s unallocated skillpoint pool.

Project Discovery Monument

The Arms Race release sees the appearance of a new monument from the Sisters of EVE to commemorate the efforts of all those who took part in Phase One of Project Discovery, and the 30 million classifications that have been submitted by capsuleers during the project.

New Warp Disruption Bubble VFX

Pilots will be able to enjoy a new effect for the Warp Disruption Bubble, that drastically reduces the amount of “white-out” experienced when multiple bubbles are placed in formations where they overlap.

Pirate Forward Operating Base Improvements

Changes to Pirate Forward operating bases with the Arms Race release will see capsuleers take on an elevated threat, with more FOBs spawning after this release that are easier to find and engage with.

New Empire Selection

After extensive testing during fall of 2017, the new Empire Selection system with overhauled visuals and information will be released to all accounts with this release, with every new character created from this release forward benefitting from the changes!

Resource Wars - New Role & Balancing

With the Arms Race release, Resource Wars will see the introduction of a new role that allows capsuleers to fly as a support pilot, earning rewards by providing remote logistics to fellow capsuleers, and vessels from the empire that they’re supporting. In addition to this, there’ll be some balance passes made on several aspects of Resource Wars for this release, including the addition of new rewards and some changes to their costs.

Jump Drive & Jump Fuel Adjustments

This release will see changes in fuel consumption for all jump capable ships, as well as changes to the requirements for building fuel blocks. The changes will also see a reduction in maximum jump fatigue, in order to balance out the changes in fuel requirements.

More Visual Renovation

As part of the ongoing commitment to keeping New Eden as visually stunning as possible, capsuleers will be able to enjoy more improved textures on structures found in missions and deadspace areas with this release.