It seems that Frontier still has some surprises for us up their sleeves! With all the new changes and updates coming in the Q4 update, it seems that we'll have a brand new way to fight the Thargoid threat as well!

In addition to all of the content Frontier revealed thus far for Beyond - Chapter Four, the Thargoid threat continues to infest the galaxy in the form of new Thargoid Incursions and Thargoid Conflict Zones.

New State: Thargoid Incursion

As time progresses, various systems will find themselves attacked by Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors.

Commanders will need to defend the system by killing Thargoids, if they fail to kill a certain number of Thargoids, the system will enter a new Background Simulation state: Incursion.

Incursion is a system-wide negative background state that impacts all the factions within that system.

Players defend the system (before and during Incursion) by killing Thargoids in that system.

When a system enters Incursion, the following happens:

  • One starport present in the system (that can be damaged) will be damaged.
  • Each week that passes whilst Incursion is active, a new starport (that can be damaged) will be damaged.
  • If a starport has been fixed after being damaged but the system is still in Incursion, it can be damaged again the week after.
  • All megaships in the system at the point of the state enters Incursion, will appear damaged and unable to continue on their journey.
  • Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors that were found in the initial attack will continue to have a presence, but stronger Thargoid Interceptors will now also make an appearance.
  • Thargoid Conflict Zones will also be found in the system, which pits players against Thargoids in waves of combat.
  • The Incursion state lasts (currently) indefinitely until players remove it.
  • To overcome the Incursion state, Commanders must kill Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors.
  • The amount of kills needed to remove the Incursion state varies from system to system.

What makes this whole introduction even better is the fact that players will be able to hunt down Thargoids without aimlessly wandering through the galaxy in search for the elusive Thargoid signal sources – but rather, as with many things coming in Chapter four, it will become a convenience. And to top it all – it comes in a form that actually makes an impact on the surrounding system.

Frontier will showcase the new Thargoid Combat Zones in a livestream on 22 November, but if you can't wait until then - you'll be able to try them for yourselves in the beta starting next week!

Edit: Thargoid combat zones will be available on the beta servers as of 21. November but only in the Maia system during the Beyond - Chapter Four beta, though it will be available across all modes.