All early backers of Starpoint Gemini Warlords might have noticed the lack of the monthly update for December – fear not, because LGM has a huge patch planned!

As the developers state - The upcoming patch will be the most significant in Warlords Early access, and below, you can find some of the highlight currently in development.

The reputation system

The reputation system is implemented. You are no longer locked in a friendly relationship with Korkyra. Start busting their ships and see how your reputation changes. And as the old saying goes: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ruining your reputation with Korkyra will make their enemies like you all the more. Korkyra is naturally used here only as an example. The system works for any faction ;).

Controller support

Controllers... controllers are finally implemented. For starters, this means Xbox One controller, but Steam and PS4 controllers are also on the schedule. 'Nuff said.

Research on Concordia

Having a Research & Development module built on your HQ only makes sense if you can actually conduct some projects and this is being implemented. Starting with the next update, you'll be able to go all science-like.

Fast travel

The T-Gate network will finally become operational. This time, jumping around won't cost you a thing, but don't expect to start jumping right away. You have to locate the gates first and some might not function properly. You'll also be able to construct additional gates in your own territory.

Wormholes are also included in this. With the next patch you'll notice that T-Gates are now directly linked to wormholes, like an upgrade of sorts.

If you're too impatient to use the T-Gates, then you might be interested in the T-Drive. The new, reworked T-Drive equipment will get you to your destination in no time. Only... you're not jumping any more... just flying really really fast, like warp-speed fast.


The title may throw you off track... Fleet management, fleet movement and fleet leaders (name-change pending) are on the schedule. This whole portion is quite massive and the implementation takes time. This is also the main reason LGM is skipping the December update and focusing directly on the one planned in January, to combine it all into one massive update.

A short list of what the conquest / fleet rework entails:

  • Real-time fleet movement - Yep... They move as you move and you can follow them around every step of the way. Like...really follow them. They will no longer mysteriously appear beside a garrison.
  • Fleet leaders - Instead of the originally planned mythical portraits that grant ethereal bonuses to the fleets they are attached to, these guys will actually be in the fray, commanding their own vessels, being all-around badass skill-users... Their planned level progression is still in. There's no change to that bit. The change that will happen however is their name. Since we won't limit how many of these guys can be in a single fleet, it makes no sense to call them Fleet leaders. There are a number of names devs are shuffling around and one of them is Warmaster, but players will have to wait for the final decision when the update comes out.
  • Fleet followers - You're running a powerful faction. Yes, it makes sense that you simply tell your ships to follow you around. The benefits of this outweigh the penalties. You will be able to command your fleet to follow you. And since a fleet leader can be a part of a fleet, you can have those guys follow you around too. There's a downside to it. Something had to take a hit and in this case, the Companions are taking the fall for the greater good. It's not really that much of a hit though, since fleet leaders are taking over all the things that were originally planned for Companions (dialogues, progression...)