Remember those crashed alien scout ships that we had a scavenger hunt for recently? Well – they're back again… only this time – they are not crashed!

Earlier today a few videos were uploaded from an Xbox commander showing him being pulled out of a jump by an unknown force. A short while after, a huge alien ship flew by and scanned the commander's ship with a huge burst of energy that emitted a very unsettling noise.

As with the unknown probe – the ship was immediately rendered inoperable but the alien ship did not attack. They just turned around and flew away.

Most players were hoping for an alien encounter and it looks like Frontier has finally delivered. Things got REALLY serious in Elite.

Edit: As shown in the video below - while moving, the Alien ship seems to be warping space around it, and it takes no (or very little) damage from our current weapons. It also looks like laser beams are affected by the alien ship as well since they get a warping effect while hitting the alien vessel. 

So far - the encounter is fully scripted and non-interactable. Commanders keep reporting these incidents all over the Pleiades sector even without the Unknown Artefact on board.