It was only recently that LGM pushed a content patch to the early access version of SPG: Warlords, and yet - here we are again... Looking at more new shiny stuff!

As usual, the game received a standard assortment of bug-fixes and tweaks, but alongside that - players get to test out new ships, new station models, new GUI functionality and hangars! Ship paintjobs have also been implemented for an extra layer of player customisation.

Update 0.610

  • Hangar interiors - see your ship in a different light. Literally...
  • Paint your ship - get expressive and go nuts with colors... if that's your thing... You can always just leave it as-is and smack a sticker on the "hood".
  • New ships - We can never have enough of those. Curtesy of the Outerlands this time.
  • New station models - to round up the Outerlands, but there are also some additional new models.
  • Hailing ships - In space, no-one can hear you scream... unless you hail them first.
  • Steam trading cards- Some care, some don't, but the cards are here to stay. We hope you have fun collecting them!