Onslaught, the next patch for EVE Online is just a week away and it's brining some new interesting concepts to the Abyssal pockets…

New triglavian ships

Four new ships are coming this winter. The Drekavac Battlecruiser and Kikimora Destroyer will be available on November 13th when Onslaught lands, and the Rodiva Cruiser and Zarmazd Logistics Cruiser will come one month later in the December update. Blueprints for the new ships will drop in Abyssal Deadspace from all difficulty tiers and pocket types. Maybe you will find the first one!

The Drekavac and Kikimora are both extremely powerful, here’s a look at their bonuses and slot layouts:


Bonuses: Precursor Destroyer bonus (per level):

  • 25% light disintegrator damage
  • 20% light disintegrator optimal range


  • 100% remote rep range
  • 50% reduced remote rep cap need
  • 50% reduced smart bomb cap need
  • 50% reduced neutralizer cap need
  • 50% light disintegrator optimal range

Slot layout:

  • 2 high / 3 mid / 4 low



  • Precursor Battlecruiser bonus (per level):
  • 10% heavy disintegrator damage
  • 4% armor resistances


  • Can use command burst module
  • 25% increased heavy disintegrator range
  • 100% remote rep range
  • 50% reduced remote rep cap need
  • 50% reduced smart bomb cap need
  • 50% reduced neutralizer cap need

Slot layout:

  • 4 high / 4 mid / 7 low

Full list of stats will be available later this week in the patch notes.

EVE Onslaught

Abyssal deadspace co-op

The most exciting addition to Abyssal Deadspace this winter is that you will now be able to enter in fleets of up to three frigates. These fleets will be intense and demanding, but extremely rewarding.

Entering Abyssal Deadspace in a group is simple; just activate three filaments of the same type from your cargo to create an Abyssal Entry Trace. Once the Trace is active, any member of your fleet in any frigate may activate it to enter your Abyssal pocket. The timer starts when the first player enters so coordination is important! However, if no one enters the Trace for 30 minutes it will collapse.

With triple the rewards and all the other benefits of flying with friends, everyone should find a reason to take a fleet into the Abyss.

Abyssal deadspace PVP

During solo Abyssal Deadspace runs after Onslaught, keep your eyes out for ‘Triglavian Proving Conduits’. These mysterious connections lead to a ‘Triglavian Cladistic Cache’ which is locked by a ring of Triglavian Towers. Keeping your ship near the cache will disrupt the structures and eventually destroy the cache, allowing you to collect the contents, but, there’s a catch. These new pockets connect to multiple traces simultaneously and other players may enter and fight for the loot in a high stakes duel to the death where two enter but only one can leave.

This feature is the first dip in the water when it comes to Abyssal PVP. It will only be available to solo Cruisers to begin with, and only for those doing tier 3, 4 and 5 pockets. Players will not be matched or rewarded based on the difficulty tier or pocket type they came from. Instead, the Cladistic Cache will always have tier 5 rewards, with special favor given to the new weapon upgrade mutaplasmids.

EVE Onslaught

New mutaplasmids

CCP announced at EVE Vegas that Onslaught would contain several types of new mutaplasmids with a focus on weaponry. Decayed, Gravid, and Unstable mutaplasmids will be available for the following groups:

  • Magnetic Field Stabilizers
  • Heat Sinks
  • Gyrostabilizers
  • Entropic Radiation Sinks
  • Ballistic Control Systems

CCP is holding off a little longer on Drone Damage Amplifier and Entropic Disintegrator mutaplasmids while they further investigate the implications of adding these mutaplasmids.

The new mutaplasmids can be found in any type of abyssal pocket and of course the deeper you go the higher quality you can expect to find. Cladistic Caches in the new PVP pockets will have the highest chance by far, but you must decide if it’s worth the risk.

Triglavian extractors

One specific addition to Abyssal Deadspace with big economic implications will also be introduced: Triglavian Extractors.

These are harvesting platforms that will appear all over Abyssal Deadspace during runs through any type of pocket. If you can spare the time, destroy and loot them to find Crystalline Isogen-10, Zero-point Condensate, and Triglavian Survey Data. These new structures will add an exciting new objective for fast Abyssal Deadspace pilots, while increasing the material supply enough to bring Triglavian ship prices down so more capsuleers can use them.

EVE Onslaught

Balance updates

With all these changes for Abyssal Deadspace on the way, there is also a set of balance changes coming in Onslaught.

Force Auxiliaries will finally see significant changes after several rounds of feedback to refine CCP’s proposal, which you can read about in this forum post. The most important point is that Capital Ancillary Shield Boosters will now be restricted to one per ship, so adjust fits before release if possible!

Range and strength for all ECM modules will be increased (more info here), as well as updating fitting and signature radius stats for several ECM bonused ships. You can find all the specifics in this thread.