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Elite: Dangerous - Guardians release date

It has finally been confirmed! The next patch (2.2) of Elite: Dangerous called "The Guardians" will be landing on live servers next Tuesday - October 25th! Get your spacesuits ready for the Beluga, ship launched fighters and alien archeology...


The Crimson Harvest returns

The Crimson Harvest returns this year, as the Blood Raider Covenant look to embark on their annual harvest of capsuleer blood.


EvE's new player experience overhauled

With the free-to-play conversion of the game, CCP also announced that they are reworking the whole approach to new capsuleers of New Eden. The new „Inception” phase will represent a completely new story driven beginning to EvE online!


Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Gladiatrix patch

It's time for the next Warlords update bringing it up to v0.620. This update focuses on adding new content, but also on some major changes which are noticable straight when you start playing the updated version.

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