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Explosions in EVE get a major visual upgrade

Nothing is more satisfying than watching the ships of your enemies go boom! And on that note, CCP released a video showing some of the new explosion animations coming in the next patch.


EVE: Online - Ascension trailer and release date

The time for New Eden to open its gates to all capsuleers is almost here! The next major expansion will be live on November 15th and CCP released another epic trailer to show off their movie making skills.


Ancient alien monolith site found!

Fearless commanders have done it again! With only a brief shot of the monolith location featured in the Guardians trailer, we now know exactly where they are!


Beta test the upcoming EVE Online expansion

If you can't wait to test the upcoming major content patch, make sure to patch your launcher and head over to the Singularity test server which will be opened tonight (Tuesday, October 25th) at 17:00 UTC for everyone!

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