Voice Attack Profile


Introducing KICS, the most advanced ship AI ever! Built by some of the finest minds in the galaxy, the technology that has gone into making KICS a reality is unheard of. This is total system control at its peak, ushering in a new era for space travel and speech systems.

KICS was developed by Ripley Galactic - over 500 years of dedicated research has delivered some of the most advanced system management solutions to date, enabling you to have unparalleled performance when it comes to ship control, today. (Check the demo here).


This installation assumes that your ship has been upgraded with VoiceAttack and VLC.

1. Extract the Ripley-Galactic-KICS-4.1.zip (18,3 Mb) to a temporary folder to work from.

2. Copy the Ripley Galactic folder to the Voice Attack Sounds directory (The default Voice Attack directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds). Your directory structure should look like: C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds\Ripley Galactic. Inside the Ripley Galactic directory you should have the KICS directory. This contains the sound files.

3. Open Voice Attack, and select Import Profile from the Profile dropdown and import the Ripley Galactic KICS 4-Profile.vap

4. Edit the controls and start Elite: Dangerous.


Alpha Orbital is not the owner or the creator of KICS. All credit goes to Cmdr Arflint. Unfortunately all further development and support have been abandoned and KICS has been released to the community. Since the official website is no longer online, I decided to dedicate a tiny part of Alpha Orbital to this great VoiceAttack profile and setup a mirror download for the latest version. Feel free to contact me for any info or extra details.