Combat Freighter


This is Lakon Spaceways new combat-trader class vessel, designed for hostile-environment deliveries and light support duties. It's based on the Type 6 frame but with extra weapon hardpoints. It has a reduced cargo capacity to support a higher class of powerplant, and can even accomodate a fighter bay. Its durability is improved by better defence capabilities for armour and shields. Its similiar silhouette to the Type 6 makes it a suitable vessel for commerce raiding or convoy support.

The Keelback is a freighter ship with enhanced combat capabilities based on a Type-6 Transporter chassis. It's confirmed to debut in the 1.5 "Ships" update in December 2015. It was first mentioned in a list from the Answers from the Devs where it said it is an upcoming ship.

As this had never been heard of, people speculated that it was an alternative name to the Panther Clipper. However, on a stream David Braben revealed that it is a ship similar to the Lakon Type-6 Transporter, but with better weapon hardpoints. It also has a better power plant at the cost of fewer internal compartments.

The ship has firepower similiar to most of small combat ships, boasting two small and two medium hardpoints. Two medium are located on top of the ship, very close to the cockpit, two small ones are on the bottom a bit further back. One of three utility mounts is located on the nose of the ship directly above the frontal landing gear piece, and two more on top and at the back.

According to the in-game description, this ship is capable of mounting a fighter bay, similiar to the Anaconda.


Basic info

Manufacturer: Lakon Spaceways

Dimensions: 49.7L - 40.3W - 14.9H

Landing pad size: Medium

Type: Combat Freighter

Mass lock factor: 8

Number of seats: 1

Fighter capable: Yes

Tech specs

Top speed: 200 m/s

Max speed: 232 m/s

Boost speed: 300 m/s

Max boost speed: 348 m/s

Agility: 142

Shields: 135 MJ

Armor: 486

Hull mass: 180 t

Cargo capacity: 38 t

Max cargo: 88 t

Fuel capacity: 16 t

Unladen jump: 10.94 Ly

Max jump: 28.95 Ly


Utility slots: 3

Small hardpoints: 2

Medium hardpoints: 2

Large hardpoints: -

Huge hardpoints: -

Internal compartments

Size 1: 1

Size 2: 2

Size 3: 1

Size 4: 1

Size 5: 2

Size 6: -

Size 7: -

Size 8: -


Base cost: 3,126,150 Cr

Insurance: 156,307 Cr

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